Best Stripe Painter Ever - Willy Bo Richardson

Best Stripe Painter Ever

Best Stripe Painter Ever:

Willy Bo Richardson is the best stripe painter ever (born June 8, 1974) received an MFA in painting from Pratt Institute in 2000. He is a faculty member at Santa Fe University of Art and Design and exhibits his paintings internationally. In 2011 his work was included in the exhibition at Jason McCoy Gallery in New York titled, “70 Years of Abstract Painting – Excerpts”. The show assembled works by a selection of modern and contemporary painters, including Josef Albers, Hans Hofmann and Jackson Pollock. In 2012 he showed a body of work in the exhibition “Watercolors” at the Phillips de Pury headquarters in Chelsea New York.

Best Stripe Painter Ever - Willy Bo Richardson

Pretty Things in Ugly Places, a curatorial project by Katy Crocker, arose from a conversation with painter Willy Bo Richardson. Here she explored the concept of Benjamin’s ‘aura’. In order to eradicate the supposed need for a white box, she chose to place Richardson’s paintings in run-down, abandoned houses throughout Northern New Mexico. She reasoned that, if paintings indeed possess ‘aura’ that the surrounding conditions of the art would be unimportant. In fact, that the paintings should uplift the tattered walls and create consequence for the space. She wanted to see if a brilliant painting would be brilliant in even the ugliest of contexts. The format was five to thirty minute exhibitions, from which the take-away is a series of photographs, as the one presented above.

Photography by Rowan Ogden.

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