Light spectrum

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Linda Post, April 17th, 2012  from Well Done Daphne

Olafur Eliasson’s installation Your atmospheric colour atlas from 2009 allows the participant to experience the tactile and visual intensity of the colours blue, green and red. The installation consists of flourescent lights, aluminum, steel, ballasts and a haze machine. It’s dimensions varies depending on the institution in which it is displayed. At ARoS the installation has a form that mostly resembles a square.

Olafur Eliasson

Inside the installation Your atmospheric colour atlas the participant enters a room of thick fog or smoke. The fog shifts in colours, red, green and blue which is lit from above. As the participant moves around in the installation, he/she moves through areas where the thick fog takes on the 3 colours. The quality and density of the fog allows the colours to merge, interact and transform with eachother before the participants eyes. As the colours merges the participant can experience the smallest change in colournuance from the most intense red to the supersaturated blue. The colour mixes in front of the participant and at one particular point the three colours create an area of pure, white light.

Olafur Eliasson

The intensity of the smoke and the reflection of the colours in the smoke particles restricts and challenges the participants ability to make sense of the surrounding room. The participant must rely on their tactile and auditory senses to navigate the installation, this also adds to inherent qualitites of experiencing colours through other senses than the visual sense. The embodied sensation that is felt in the installation draws attention to the smallest changes in the participants bodily experience and presence in interaction and relation to the artwork,  the pace of your heartbeat, the sensation of your feet, toes and fingers as you slowly move around in the installation in the pursuit to capture the merging colours and every little colournuance they might posses.


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