Bryan Osburn

Bryan Osburn employs color patterns and hard edge forms to create mesmerizing compositions that tell of abstract textures and ornamental complexities. These forms are highly associative. Arches become curvilinear paths for example, that bridge separate islands made of dense color conglomerates. They appear like otherworldly creatures or like infrastructures that hold together the multi-faceted crossroads of a fictitious metropolis. Aerial views of cityscapes, Far Eastern ornaments, Folklore, and cartography are only a few of the associations that can be linked to Osburn’s work. It is the artist’s intention to leave our eyes to travel and absorb each element as a fragment of a larger whole.

Osburn’s works are visual riddles and elaborate labyrinths that venture deep into the mysterious unknown. While inspired by Surrealism, in particular the work of Max Ernst, as well as New York painters, such as Mary Heilmann, and 1950s design, Osburn embraces a creative process that seeks guidance in the unconscious. By sourcing instinct and improvisation, he creates works that translate as mosaics of visual thoughts, become heavily layered explorations of color and form, and ultimately, are a glimpse of life’s riches.

Poodle, 2009, acrylic and ink on paper, 10 x 13 inches


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