Selected Press Reviews

Kristina Nazarevskaia: Willy Bo Richardson – Watercolors, galleryIntell, 2012
Phillips de Pury: galleryIntell – Video
Peggy Roalf : “Abstraction: Informers and The Informed”, Design Arts Daily, April 21, 2011
Katy Crocker: “Painting, Doritos and Color Theory – The Work of Willy Bo Richardson”, The End of Being, April 2011

Publications by Richardson
2012 The Artistic Thinking Process, The Creativity Post
Learning to Share: On Candy, Art, and Independence, Adobe Airstream
2011 Art Santa Fe, and the Market from an Artist’s Perspective, Adobe Airstream

Artist Friends:
Mitsuko Brooks
Annika Connor
Eric Garduno
Ted Larsen
Nicola Lopez
Marcin Muchalski
Adele Ray – Reel
Alexander Reyna
Bob Richardson
Kim Richardson
Peter Riesett

Kate Beck :: Art Notes
Katy Crocker: Contemporary Art & Culture
Cyndi Conn
Stephanie Buhmann
Creative Advocacy for Visual Artists

TIFF Archive (Password Protected)

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