70 Years of Abstract Painting, Jason McCoy Gallery: Katy Crocker Interview

Jason McCoy Gallery, 70 years of abstract painting
Three Muses, 2011, Oil on Linen

Consider this statement: the painter is inextricably bound to paint. Although seemingly unarresting, this statement signifies the importance of medium. Imagine the possibilities of paint—the medium’s peculiarities and idiosyncrasies. Paint is mercurial. Color becomes paramount, along with application. In accordance with the range of human experience, paint expresses every possibility. Fittingly, painters who understood paint as expression of something nonrepresentational were dubbed abstract expressionists, including historical icons such as: Hans Hofmann and Josef Albers.

Contemporary artists, like Willy Bo Richardson examine and enrich the abex conversation. Consequently, Richardson’s painting Three Muses will be featured alongside several artists, including Hofmann and Albers, for “70 Years of Abstract Painting – Excerpt” at Jason McCoy Gallery in New York. The exhibition provides a platform for the examination of abstract painting throughout several decades.

In order to better understand Richardson’s process, I have asked the artist a few questions about his upcoming exhibition and work.

Read full article here: Willy Bo Richardson features work in upcoming “70 Years of Abstract Painting,” NYC


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